seo seocompany in israel

Welcome, we are WebManager, a boutique company that specializes in SEO.

We can tell you a lot about our activities and our customers from 2010 in the digital worlds, but we prefer to keep things in their simplicity and focus in the main issues.

What are we achieved over the years? We built a service system to the digital worlds that suited the companies that understand the meaning of a professional and qualitative service. We have a holistic approach that enables us to provide a very wide and versatile response, to focus and promote the site by Google, whether it is in an organic promotion and whether in a sponsored promotion. It manifests the broader answer in how we can build a dedicated site, we can support the sites at code level, content, design, storage and connections on social networks and give a 360-degree embrace to our customers 😊

Why choose us? because we focus on purpose and advancement, and see our customers as an organic body affected by different worlds, including life itself and the people working in them- just like our business.
Why do we love the Google promotion? Because it’s challenging, it’s interesting and every day there’s something to learn, and the most important- Not boring!

A few words about me, Michael Tzir:
On 2005 I started my way with a very dynamic digital company, and for five years I’ve been through a variety of roles- project management, site management, SEO, Sales management, management of advertising systems, complex systems assimilation and more.
You can say that I’ve touched every field of digital-related matters.
I learned a lot and enjoyed all the way until I set up my digital company; I packed up all my experience and professionalism and opened WebMananger to provide companies and businesses with comprehensive digital services and professional.

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